ios部落冲突内购: Quality control at Eastfield

Quality leader


部落冲突7本最强阵型 Frank Herder, a German engineer (Information Technology) has been working as Head of Quality Management of our company since 5 1/2 years ago. He was Head of Lighting Department of VDE Testing and Certification Institute Germany in Shenzhen for almost 10 years (2002-2011). He introduced the slogan "German Quality made at Shenzhen Eastfield" to the company in 2013. This goal has been mostly achieved by our Quality Team with the absolute support of our top management and all staff of the company.


First-class Quality

Nowadays it is important to have a high level of quality throughout the whole company in order to satisfy the clients' demands and to fulfill the requirements of standards and laws for all products. But another important side effect of superior product quality is the support of delivery and cost cutting.

01 Shenzhen Eastfield is equipped with a complete Test Laboratory for lamps and luminairs (Safety, EMC/FCC, ErP/Energy Star, Photometry, Packaging Test). This Test Lab is acknowledged by several third parties as a Witness Test Lab. All necessary tests can be carried-out in-house with high speed by our own test engineers.

02 The combined efforts of QC inspectors and test engineers --- starting with the design of the product, going on with control of the supply chain and incoming goods, and leading on to in-process and shipping inspection --- make sure that safe products in high quality with a competitive price can be delivered in time to all of our customers.